The Geek Magician’s Cook Book


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The Geek Magician’s Cook Book by Mat Parrott is the most collective work on Geek Magic to date with over 30 separate effects, recipes, essays and brand new historical research. Some have gone on to call it the “Royal Road of Geek Magic”.

Top performers across the world right now are giving this book great reviews and their words of recommendation for The Geek Magician’s Cook Book:

“This has now taken its place at the top of my recommendations list for anyone interested in Geek magic.”– Dee Christopher


“You could easily build a career on just one or two of the effects in this tome. We now have a new (Un)holy Bible.”

– Samuel Hurst


“The People’s Magician”“The perfect tuition guide to becoming the ultimate Geek”

– Alan Rorrison


The 3rd edition of The Geek Magician’s Cook Book is now available for a reduced price of £22 plus shipping. It comes in a new cleaner format as a pocket size book. This edition may, or may not, be reprinted.


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